Beazie began her career as a jewellery designer in London's Hatton Garden, which has been the focus of Britain’s gem trade since the Middle Ages. From there her interest in precious stones led her to Bangkok, the global centre of the gem trade.

During the seven years Beazie lived in Bangkok, she inhabited the world of exclusive gem traders who are the first to see the most exquisite gems after they’ve left the countries where they were taken out of the earth.

Unusual gems, particularly bright and rare coloured tourmalines, inspire Beazie's art jewellery. Her background in Hatton Garden and the innermost circle of Bangkok's international gem community offers her unparalleled access to the finest selection of the world's precious stones.

Beazie seeks not the flawlessness of perfect 'clean' stones, but a quality she calls ‘character’. What are known as flaws or inclusions - a window, a mark or fleck of copper – can, in the right manifestation, give a stone a distinctive beauty and intensity of colour. The gems that Beazie acquires are not only rare, but unique and each one, she explains, has made its own epic journey before it lies cut and polished on the dealer's tray.

Not surprisingly, Beazie's jewellery tends to attract clients of character. Even her use of metals breaks away from convention. Beazie often prefers to use lower carat rose and yellow gold combined with platinum to give a pale and elegant hue with excellent durability.

Independent women, motivated by their own sense of style rather than the latest fashion are drawn to Beazie’s work. Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Emma Watson, Alexa Chung and Elle McPherson have her designs. The pieces have been featured in high profile media from How to Spend It and The New Review to WWD, Harper’s Bazaar and InStyle.

Beazie finds inspiration for her designs in curious and familiar objects; it might be the corner detail of a child's toy, the spiral of a broken shell or the curved wing of a marine propeller. She is also known for her bold and modern engagement rings - most of which are non-traditional, statement pieces of jewellery.

Beazie has had her primary workshop in London's Mayfair for 17 years and also works with a Japanese goldsmith who has been sculpting precious metals for over 40 years in Bangkok.